Monday, 21 October 2019

St Maximilian Kolbe-By Amiel (Draft)

St Maximilian Kolbe
Learning Intention: To identify the main events in St Maximilian Kolbe life.

He became a priest 1917 and went to Poland. He Made a refugee Because the Nazi German is executed civilian. He got arrested in 1931 and send to a war camp while there he teach the people in there how to pray. At one day the  Nazi Germans Starting executing People the 1st one was a civilian, he did not want to die because he had a family so St Maximilian chose himself And he said ‘’Take me himself’’. But the German refused and he lost his life. He died of  his belief. 
Quotes: ''Love your neighbour even tho there helpful''
-St Maximilian Kolbe

Thursday, 25 July 2019

Mission Day Word art-by Amiel

What is mission day? The Mission Sister found S.t Patrick School.We Began to help people how can't help there self. and we bring money to buy stuff and the staff count and they give it to the poor people.

Here is a link where I did this word art! THE LINK Here you go.

Monday, 1 July 2019

Kiwi Bird Facts-By Amiel

Kiwi Bird Facts
By: Amiel
The Kiwi Stands Up To 25 Inches Tall. It Has Brown And Black Feather, Large Hind Legs, Black Eyes And a Long break that uses to Eat Food. Due To Its Colour, It Camouflages Easily. Sporting Small Wings The kiwi is unable to fly. Link: This Means It live the forest floor.

Commonly Found In New Zealand Forest, The Kiwi Lives, Hunt And Breads On the Ground And Have Baby…. (Short) 

They Can’t Fly, It Can Hide, It’s Kinda Fast. Can Hunt As usually from That They Sniff Smell. (That’s All) 

Danger!.. (Not P art)
Well They Are 68.000 kiwi In The World 2% of our unmanaged kiwi every Year-That’s Around 20 Per Week (Kiwi Bird Facts)

Monday, 24 June 2019

Paradise Shelduck-By Amiel

Paradise Shelduck by Amiel
Paradise shelduck or Putangitangi is a bird that Only Found At Aotearoa/New Zealand.     

Male shelducks have dark Gray and Green also white  feathers and females have white and brown green Feathers. Males weigh 1.7 kg and a female 1.4 kg and can grow 63-70 cm.
Life cycle
Paradise shelducks has the same life cycle as any ordinary duck. The mother will lay its egg and patiently waits for it to hatch. Paradise shelduck eggs hatch after a day. Then it grows to an adult and can live up to 25 years and they grow differently to humans. 

Paradise shelducks can fly like a normal duck it speed is 30 km and is very fast on land. They also have good eyesight which they use to see at night or bad weather. 

They are commonly found in New Zealand’s plain fields and rivers.  They Only Like Living at river Because Is colorful for them.   

Paradise shelducks are friendly, vicious ducks.