Thursday, 18 March 2021

St Pats Day-By Amiel

 St Pats Day!

On Wednesday 17 of March 2021 St Patrick School celebrated St Pat’s Day. We all started a morning prayer to remember St Patrick at The Canopy, It was a very short morning prayer after that we all Change into our P.E Gear and then we went to go get our morning tea.

When the bell rings all of us went to sit in the Canopy in our houses. After that we were sorted into teams. There were 10 Teams and each one of them had 1 Leader and 1 Deputy Leader and the rest were normal teammates normally 4-6. I was Chosen Deputy Leader and the Leader was  another senior are team name was called: Tipperary. Tipperary was placed in ireland.

After that We were told Instructions and given a piece of paper which told where to go/Instructions and List of are Teammates after that a bell rang which means we have to go are 1st activity.

Our 1st Activity was Room-6, our job was to Skip by using ropes all the way to the cones and then Jump 5 times, but most of my team could’t skip so instead  we run and jumped 5 times. We started very well and we kept winning but people started complaining about us because we have less teammates and fast people so one person on our team has to run and jump twice, nothing really happened we just won and earned extra points.

Next Game was with Room-8. We line straight so we can get extra points. The Objective of the game is to go around a cone and come back, but it's harder than you think. You have to tie one of your teammates and try to walk. You have to synchronise with your teammate this why it's so difficult. Their strategy was to Jump Together this made it easier and much more faster. We dominate the other team and earn Lots of points.

The Next Game was Ki o’rahi Golden Child with Room-7 this is a very simple game there is 2 Team Called “Kia oma” and “Taniwha”. Kia Oma Job is to hit the Tupo/Rock once they hit the person running in Kia oma, the Person Has to stop but they are not yet Out. Kia Oma Job is to Hit the Pou around the field They Look Like Long poles and go to the ice bridge then the next person turns and the last person of Kia oma was called the golden child. The golden child job is to save the people who got out by the Taniwha. There is one role left, their name is the guardians. The Guardians name was to protect the rock there always 2 People protecting it. After the Briefing we started playing. The team was set to Kia oma normally they would switch over once a round is over. We had a Great Game and Currently we had lots of points.

Next game was about basketball. Unfortunately, I had to do something so I missed out on the game but luckily we earned points. So the next Game was bowling is just the same thing as the normal game. We also earn lots of points and then finally after many hours it's over We all line up and share some ice block and announce the winner, the winner is our team Tipperary. 

it was very fun Day everybody enjoy it but it was exhausting

Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Bookmarks-By Amiel

Smart Learners Use Bookmarks Because they can find there Learning site So Easy and Fast this can save lots of time.


Sunday, 28 February 2021

Screenshots!-By Amiel

Taking Screenshots can be helpful, Screenshots can capture exactly what your seeing right Now. they can also Share information to your friends, taking Screenshot is very Easy just Press "Ctrl-Shift-Screen Key" or if you wanna take a full screen just Press "Ctrl-Screen key".

Tip: I Recommend there Nothing in the background and maybe Crop the picture so it fit nice.
Here is Some Pictures.

Tuesday, 16 February 2021

Cybersmart Challenge#2!-By Amiel

 Cybersmart Challenge#2

This Cybersmart Challenge was about Keyboard Shortcut, I Already Knew most of the Keyboard Shortcut But this was really fun for me, I Learn more new Keyboard Shortcuts Like Ctrl-F. Manaiakalani Make lot's of effort on these kind work, If you wanna try You can check there "Cybersmart Challenge".

Link: Click Here

Cybersmart Challenge#1!-By Amiel

 Cybersmart Challenge#1

This Cybersmart Challenge was about Kawa of Care, if You Don't know "Kawa of Care", Kawa of care is About Taking Care You Chromebooks We Do this so are Chromebooks can last longer than is suppose to be. Manaiakalani Make lot's of effort on these kind work, If you wanna try You can check there "Cybersmart Challenge".

Link: Click Here

Here is My Work

Poster Number 1:

Poster Number 2: 

Poster Number 3/Student responsible use agreement:

Thursday, 11 February 2021

Vampire Bat-By Amiel (Short-DLO)

 Vampire Bat-Short DLO

This DLO Is About A Vampire Bat, This is One Of the Interesting DLO I've Done Because I'm Not A Big Fan Of Bats. This Was A Really Fun Activity for Me.