Monday, 4 February 2019

Tree hut tree-by Amiel

Tree hut tree 

L.I: Respond to ''The Tree hut Treaty '' by explaining our felling 

Today M.R Bell read us a story name tree hut tree. It was an awesome. and the nice thing about the book is that There two language English, and Maori. The story about is that they build a tree hut and some kid argue who own it and this little boy was s angry so he decide that he will destroy some part of the tree hut so the boy did. an those who own the Tree hut it sew the part at the ground so the owner of the tree hut make a plan so the plan was to keep the tree hut Safe one of them said how and the owner said we can put the Ladder at the tree hut. 

I like this story because there two language English and Maori and it describing is nice and the make sens. 

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