Tuesday, 26 November 2019

St Francis-Assisi


St Francis of Assisi, Born in Giovanna Di Pietro Di At the date of 1182 3rd of October. He was baptized and rename Francesco. He was abandoned for a life of luxury for devoted to Christianity after He heard God commanding him to rebuild Christian Church and live as poor. But He care about God’s Animals.

When It's Christmas!-By Amiel

Rubbish is a disaster!-by Amiel

Jack is going to st Patrick school

Jack Is Going To St Patrick School
Learning Intention: we are learning to write a narrative story

One day there was a boy name Jack he was visiting St Patrick School. He was happy because he saw beautiful people and he think that this day is the best.

 He went inside he saw people was running to him and people said "how are you?" and I said "good" and they say "do you want a tour?" and Jack said "ok" they show me the little play ground then next is the canopy. Then I saw the senior play ground. I ran to the flying fox and play tag and then the bell ring so me and him went outside and play. After 50 minutes me and him went inside because the bell ring at class we did story writing but Jack's mum said to come back after morning tea.

Jack went back home. The end. 

how to be a good friend-by Amiel

How to be a good friend
Learning Intention: We are learning to write an explanation.
Success Criteria:
A good friend is being nice to each other

Being a good friend is not hurting each other or swearing. Good friend is kind, helpful and shearing. If you hurt your friend say sorry or say your I statements  then your friend will accept the apology or not accept the apology.