Wednesday, 25 December 2019

Desmond Doss-By Amiel

Desmond Doss
The Medic Who Fought War without A Weapon
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Desmond Doss Was A Combat Medic In WWII He Was In the 77th Division He Never Used A Gun Or Shot a Gun Because Of His Religious Believe His Job Was To Help other Soldiers in the front line, A Medic Rule That A Medic Needs Medic but When there Protecting the Person who Injured. One Time One of Man On His Unit Warn Him "When Where Going to Combat Your Not Coming Alive Doss I'm Gonna Shot You My Self." 

His 1st Combat Was Battle of Guam He Was Bussy Doing his Job Saving Lives.

His Las Battle Was Battle Of Okinawa
He Saved 75 People and And Officer Without Killing An Enemy 


  1. Kia Ora Amiel,

    Wow! Awesome job on your work. You've included great information about who Desmond Doss was and what he did. He was a pretty amazing man wasn't he? I like how you included a photo of the man himself to show your blog readers who he looked like.

    How are your Summer holidays going for you? Do you have any plans to go anywhere? I always love the Summer holidays especially the great weather that comes with it.

    Good Job on your work Amiel!
    Jennae :)

  2. Kia ora Amiel,

    How is your summer going? Are you enjoying the sunshine? :)

    Thank you so much for sharing Desmond Doss's story. He sounds like an incredibly brave human being, I'm truly inspired. What made you choose Desmond Doss to write about for your person of choice? I'd love to know :)

    We are really looking forward to reading more of your work over the summer. Looking forward to what which activity you will do next. Remember if you want to get some extra points then you need to leave a positive comment on another students blog to get 2 extra points.

    Nga mihi